Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Angst of Blogging

I can't believe that it has been a whole week and I haven't actually put anything up on my blog. I have done a couple of experiments that I thought that I would blog about, but what do you do when the experiment fail. "Hey guys look at this! It sucks...Don't both trying this." I keep most of my failures private unless they are spectacular enough to get a laugh.

I am getting ready for the summer markets, preparing to go to Ontario to visit with my daughter for a week and half a dozen other things, like planting the garden and arranging for a polymer clay art show next year. Designing market banners for others is one of the fun things about getting ready for summer markets is . Here is one I have been working on - It is different because the customer want it to be mostly illustration and explanation.

Back to work and getting something more significant to blog about.


fulgorine said...

If you have the courage to post them, failed experiments would probably be really interesting.

joan tayler said...

You are absolutely right. Very little is learned from victory. I will continue learning.