Friday, May 25, 2012

Home Again

Hey Buddy, want to buy a whistle
Here I am back in Vancouver. I had a great time and managed to reach a few of my little goals. I kept my Etsy shop open and even made and mailed a sale. I sold some items to a charming knit shop, All Strung Out Yarns, in Guelph. I even made a street sale when someone saw the whistle I was wearing. ( Street sales always make me feel a little like I am selling drugs - “Hey buddy, Do you want to buy a whistle?” That was just the commercial part of the trip. The great part was visiting people, chatting and playing Frisbee.

An unexpected pleasure was receive the image of a Sutton Slice that Nancy Woolweber of Fort Mill South Carolina made using my Dragon Parts Stamp,  sent me. I always like to see how other use my stamps. I usually use them as a simple blind emboss. The Sutton slice is beyond my allotted portion of patience. Yea Nancy for going where I fear to tread.

If there is anyone else out there that is willing to share some images of how they have used my stamps; card stamping, mica powder, Mokumegane anything. I will find a way to reward anyone who sends and image that I can use on my blog. 

Nancy's Sutton Slice

Thank you Nancy  for sharing. I will send you a new stamp, small but not yet released to the public.


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