Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Looking for Someone in Massachusetts

When I started designing my stamps I posted a request to readers to help me find a company to make them. Someone sent my an email from Massachusetts, I think, telling me of a company in San Diego that produces stamps of artists. I want to thank that person again but I not been able to find either the email that I sent or the one that I received.

 If you are the person that sent me to the San Diego company that I love and you read, this please contact me.

Almost a Contest
In the mean time if there is anyone out there that has used my stamps I would love to see what you have created. Send photos – there will be little prizes. I have never seen how the stamps work on paper so if you have made a card or a picture please send an image. You can contact me by going to my website.

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joan tayler said...

I have made contact with my person who is not from Massachusetts at all. Thank you so much "S". I owe you but I will send you a stamp.