Saturday, May 19, 2012

Too Much Fun

Walking near Helen's home studio.

Here I am in Guelph Ontario. I am enjoying the company of my daughter and her friends. Being around happy positive young people makes me more optimistic about the world. I am really having too much fun to post but I am determined to try to do at least one post from the road.

Yesterday I had lunch with Helen Briel. It is really great to see the environment that other polymer clay artists work in and see some of the new work that they are doing. Helen is working on a new book but I will not say anything here except it is going to Briellent. Sorry about that, I seem to be suffering from a case of the puns, and I think that I used that one the last time I mentioned Helen's work but here is link and you can judge for you self.

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2 Good Claymates said...

Ahhh, That is so nice. I am jealous now and wish I was there too! lol! Glad you hear you are having a good time and lots of fun. You deserve it after your hard work!