Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thyme for Tea

Here is how to splice two stamped images to cover an object. I am covering a tea caddy with stamped images from my Teapot Tempest stamp. Here we go:

1. Make and impression with the stamp by running the stamp and clay through your pasta machine. I am using and Atlas machine and I find the medium setting #4 is good to make the clay sheet, then I run the sheet of clay and the stamp trough the rollers on the widest setting, in the case #1. Before putting the clay and the stamp through the machine I made sure to dust the clay liberally with corn starch on the side that is in contact with the stamp. (the alternative water does not work with Fimo – I use Fimo so …)

2. Trim one end of the stamp along a line in the pattern. A flowing line in better that a straight line. I try to incorporate a couple such lined in the stamps that I design.

3. Lay the trimmed sheet over another impressed clay sheet and trim away the excess. A little corn starch with keep the to sheets from sticking together.

4. You now have two pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

5. Paint your tea caddy with liquid polymer clay to erase the non sticking effects of the corn starch and apply first one sheet and then the other, fitting the parts together like a puzzle.

6. You can see the join of the two sheet in the middle of this close up of a finished piece. I have chosen a differ line in the stamp to make this join but it still works the same way. I am not the most patient person I know and other may have even more success with this method.

This method will work with any stamps – but I still like mine best.

My apologies - I just harvest thyme from my garden an I can’t resist even the most obvious pun.