Friday, July 6, 2012

Mounting a Stamp

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1. I have chosen a stamp the I developed as a example of the kind of irregular stamp really benefits from making a polymer clay mount.

2. First trim off all the excess rubber. this is most easily done with scissors. (When I tried and art knife I found the rubber difficult to cut.)

3. Peel back the paper backing on part of the foam stamp backing. Leave most of the paper on the foam to protect the sticky surface. This glue is really strong.

4. Cut off the portion of the foam with the stamps and trim off the excess foam with scissors. 

5. Place the stamp right side up on a 1/8th of an inch (3mm) thick sheet of polymer clay. Trim around the stamp or the stamp with the foam attached using an art knife.

6. Turn over the piece of clay you have so the handle you add will be on the correct side.
( 3mm is usually the thickest setting on a pasta machine. Any polymer clay will do - I am using some mixed scraps here.)

7. Now, make a ball of clay cut it straight across so one side is flat and push the flat side of the piece on to your clay back to act as a handle.

Cook your clay mount flay side down according the directions of the clay manufacture.

(I use Fimo clay and bake it for 40 min at 280 degrees - slightly longer and hotter then the manufacture's recommendation.)

8. Carefully press your stamp on to the polymer clay mount. Push firmly with your fingers to make sure all the edges are attached. Now you can stamp away.

You can buy a PDF copy of this tutorial on line. Press here to get to the listing.

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