Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

In the beginning there were big blue horses

When I started with polymer clay I wanted to make horses. Not full sized horses but big for polymer clay. One of the first things I did was mare and foal sculpture that is over a foot high (30 cm)  and half again long. It took a lot of time and clay. Its finish is a little rough and ready but there it was, done. There were all the little bits of cane and clay left so I made some beads. That was fun and people actually bought the beads. No one ever bought the bigger horses, but some of the small one sold. Art should not be driven by commerce but there is nothing like reinforcement of a pay cheque. Generally I want my art to go away after I finish it. How else can I to get more clay and do more stuff.

What passes as large this days would be big necklaces. I made three memory wire necklaces a while ago. They are comfortable to wear but they just don’t seem to fit into my display at the market. They are not the  an impulse buy between picking out some nice apples and getting a tasty loaf of bread. So today I send them to my Etsy shop and see if someone out there loves them.

As a reward for getting this posted I am going to stay home and make little tiny socks.

On Etsy
First Necklace
Second Necklace
Third Necklace

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