Monday, September 10, 2012

Rain Called Because of Market

A satisfied customer at Trout Lake Market.

I am mastering over head photography – Ladner Village Market

The weather forecast for Sunday was for rain starting in the early afternoon. All the vendors at the Ladner Market  took extra care setting up so they could manage the rain without too much trouble. Saturday at Trout lake had been perfect. You can’t expect that to happen every day but the Sunday market was hopping. We had clouds and crowds, zydeco music and a killer sax player. When I wasn’t waiting on customers I danced around my tent. I sort of think that no one will ever notice that I boogie the day away at many on the markets. By the time I had packed the car at the end of the day – still no rain. Hooray!
As I pulled my station wagon up in front of our town house at 6:00 the rain started. By the time I got to the front door the rain was coming down – and not just silly rain. It was the real wet coast thing. The timing could not have been better. Not a spot of rain fell on the seven Ladner Markets this year. This has been a lucky year weather wise. Now only one momre to go and I will be home rain free for the season.

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