Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Value of a Shot List

Barrettes destine for Craft House on Granville Island
This morning I have been updating my Etsy site. This is not a job that I relish doing but I know that if I do it more often it will eventually become second nature to me. Since the objects that I have on sale are small and each one requires 5 shots I some times can’t remember which views I have taken of which item. Today I took a hint from the movies and I made a little shoot list. It seems to work and doing the shots in a certain order helps to make sure that I have all the views I need. Now I have to improvise a tripod for my little digital camera and stop falling back on my cell phone to take shots.

 I have posted a picture of barrettes destine for Craft House on Granville Island tomorrow. I only do this  because I hate to post without a picture.


A Half-Baked Notion said...

The list is an excellent idea, Joan. I don't know how you and other artisans keep up with your production work, and still find time to be so creative. I struggle to keep one or two projects at a time on the front burners LOL

Congrats on being featured on today PCD, Joan. I'm adding you to may blog post today!

Ginger Davis Allman said...

These barrettes are gorgeous. You have such good color sense. And I think that perhaps I need to make a few of these myself.