Friday, September 7, 2012

Trying on a New Scarf

Purple Asanoha pattern
Cherry Blossom
I have to go to the studio and load up for a couple of markets this weekend: Trout Lake Farmers Market and Ladner Village Market. After these two there is only one more outdoor market until May of 2013. Good thing too. As much as I enjoy the markets it will be nice to have a break from hauling that heavy tent around.

This morning I took photos of my barrettes for Etsy. I wanted to try using a scarf with them. I was going to get a wig or something but it struck me as a little macabre plus it is a well known secret that I am a little fibre phobic. Love those fluffy animals but when the fibre leaves the animal I have a little trouble with it. Smooth fibre is okay but free form felting is almost out of the question. I digress – here are the barrettes on a silk scarf. I am okay with silk, and actually most fibre is alright as long as it is not to….fibrous.

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