Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work and Play

Oregano and Victorian Hops buttons
Shawl Pins better than expected
 If you have a real job it is difficult to blur the lines between work and play. The plus for  real job is when you go home  you can play or do the hundreds and one little things that you have to do to keep your world on track.  When you work for yourself as a craft person the line between work and play is much lest clear. Many of the craft people I know carry their work with them even if it just punching cards for a new product. Anyone who knows me has hear the line “Just wait till I get something to do with my hands and then we can talk”. The good thing working as a craft person is the occasional reward, the surprise that something turned out unexpectedly well in the middle of a production run.

That is what happened this week end. My treat was to finish the “Victorian Hops” cane that I started on Friday. The can didn’t turn out as well as I had hopes. Once I had my blend and looked at it objectively I realized that it would have been better done differently. I complete the cane anyway. Not as good as I hoped – I am not really a pink fan. I need a gradient with darker bits to be able to tolerate pink. Oh well it is all grist for the mill.

On the other hand the production shawl pins turned out better that I expected. I even got up enough of a head of steam to post some on Etsy. Production is a meditation, you don‘t expect anything but the product but that is often were my new ideas come from.


Polyanya said...

I dunno looks pretty good to me Joan! :))

Linda Kothera said...

Agreed. I love the idea and colors of the hops cane. The shawl pins look great as well, with the textures adding lots of interest. Nice!

Vanessa said...

Hey Joan! The shawl pins look wonderful to me. I think I am going to try making a few myself very soon.