Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Play but Display

I am being consumed by display at the moment. New banners, new signs and a new approach. It Circle Craft I will not be selling jewelry, (it’s a long story) but so many of my things look like jewelry even though they have a practical use. So this year I am going to display my whistles, eyeglass pins and enros as if they were jewelry and see how it goes.
A nifty display idea
Last year at Porto Bello West craft fair a jeweler had a great economical way of displaying her pendants and necklaces. She used plate stands and tiles instead of commercially available jewelry display stands. I am going to try this trick at Circle Craft and I wanted to share the idea with others out there looking for an inexpensive way to display their art.
A week tomorrow the big show will start. The first three days are from 10AM to 9PM. Its not so much the length of the days but I am often asleep by 9 ( and up at 3AM) so I will have to try to keep more civilized hour for a few days.


A Half-Baked Notion said...

Those displays look very elegant, Joan, and since tiles are available in many attractive colours, vendors could have a coordinated look. Good luck with your next show!

vancouverpolyclayers said...

What a great idea Joan. I have so many different tiles that I used to use for decorating coasters before I discovered polymer clay.