Friday, October 5, 2012

The Free Table

One of the odder selection from the Free Table
This is a great day for production but there is nothing to show because I have been working on the backs of this and the inside of that. So I would like instead to mention our free table.

The free table has been in front of our place for the last three years. Because of a civic rule that anything put out for the trash officially belongs to the city, anyone who takes it could be charged with theft. This is not likely to happen but there is an something less that wonderful about having to steal trash. So the idea of the Free Table was born. People around the neighbourhood put things on it and take things from it and my husband and I, to a lesser degree, tidy up and take things in the might not like the rain and throw away the truly unusable and possibly dangerous. This is in one step up from just leaving things on the curb. You don’t have to stoop to recycle.

Watching what comes and goes is also entertaining.

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