Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#249 not $2.49

A short post before I dash off to finish setting up for tomorrow. I apologize to all the customers that asked me to email them and remind them of Circle Craft. It just didn’t happen. This year again it is a run to the finish line. I just hope that some of my regulars will make it to the big show. Booth #249 is where you will find me. I am looking forward to visiting with my friends that have volunteered to help and to meet lots on people that I haven’t seen for a year, both customers and other artists.

The bare bones.

The small houses are one of taking fruits of inventory. I had forgot all about them. I make them years ago and they were hiding in one of my back boxes.

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Claire Maunsell said...

Good luck with your show! I was always down to the wire too - it's very stressful!