Monday, November 12, 2012

A Golden Fish

Eva Hartmann sent me a picture of the fish that she made using my Fish and Crab stamp with ink, gold foil and mica powder. She has changes the lower fins and totally made the fish her own. I like to be an aid to others creativity. It’s a lovely fish, Eva, you must be proud.

What is done
Circle Craft is over for another year. It was great! It exceeded my expectations in every way. The last day when it was not busy Adrianna, my helper at the event, and I brainstormed for ideas to redesigned my booth for next year. I learned a lot from this show and enjoyed every minute of it.

What is Next
Next comes the Eastside Culture Crawl. Officially it opens this Friday the 16th but I have decided to open from noon to 6:00 on the 15th for;  friends, family, neighbours and followers of my work. You can contact me throught my website if you are interested in dropping by.

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