Friday, November 2, 2012

A Plan of Attack – Large Venue Events

At the risk of using to many military analogies, I present the following suggestions for attending large craft or trade shows.
1. Come equipped: A good pair of walking shoes, a water bottle ( large venues are often full of dry conditioned air), a map of the venue and a notebook (making a note often saves time trying to find a desired item again after lunch) and a cell phone (especially if you are visiting with a friend).
2. Start in the middle. If you come early when the gates open, consider starting in the middle or the back of the venue. There is always a crowd in the first aisle or two but it can take and hour or more for that crowd to reach the back row of stalls. If you go for that back or middle, you get the pick of the litter and a appreciative crafters who will not be busy yet.
3. Get a re-entry pass shortly after you arrive.  Many large markets that charge an entry fee will have a reentry pass the you might have to line up for if you decide that you would like to return later or the next day. If you want to avoid a wait, get this pass early before other make that decision at the end of the day .
4. Have a plan B. Some times the cell phone reception in  a large concrete building is poor so don’t rely on them. Agree upon a comfortable place to meet in the event that you are separated from your friends or just want to relax while the other scout out treasures.

That’s it. That is the list that my helpers and I came up with last year when we had slow times at a big craft fair. If there is a hint that should be added speak up.


A Half-Baked Notion said...

I would suggest: (1) bringing one or two larger cloth carrying totes for stowing purchased items, as well as your water and other necessities. If it has zipped inner pockets, they are a great place for money and valuables. I am partial to the across-the-shoulder style that can be worn on the chest, as they are less obtrusive and safer from being grabbed. (2)Schedule breaks from shopping and adhere to them, and the experience will be so much happier and healthier!

joan tayler said...

Thank you. Great additions.