Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From a Sow’s Ear

Stitch markers were more popular that expected.
After a little rest in the form of more production, I am trying to make my living room / studio into a space to receive visitor’s to the Culture Crawl this weekend. Last year we had an astounding 1,800 visitors. This year there is rain forecasted so there will be far fewer visitors. Because my studio is in my home and not in a bigger building the attendance is really at the mercy of the weather
For my rest I am working on renewing my stock of stitch markers. I am not one who thinks that a sea cruse is a vacation but there are days that staying in bed and reading a book looks pretty good. Naw – that only lasts a few minutes. Back to work! Tidying where I have not tidied for a year. I may not be finished by Thursday but I will have tamed the room a little.

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