Friday, November 16, 2012

Put a Bug on It

Bugs at the ready
In all the rushing to get ready for the Culture Crawl this evening, some thing was bugging me. Or at least ladybugging me. I had made the decision to leave the ladybug off a few items that would normally have them. The logic behind this was that there are some people who don’t like ladybugs. What happened was people pointed out that the ladybug was missing on some of the items and then bought the one with the ladybug on it. So this morning – actually the middle of the night, like 2:00AM, I felt the need to put bugs on a bunch of finishes pieces. Now I just have to cook and polish them again. Sun is up I think that I will go and do that.


Polyanya said...

I've read this before but only just noticed the neat rows of sliced bugs ready for applying - are they still raw Joan or prebaked?

joan tayler said...

The bugs are raw. It allows their little feet to stick better to polymer clay foliage.