Monday, November 19, 2012

Tools #1 – Gasket Removal Tool

Gasket removal tool without the hooked end.
I have decided that my blog was getting really boring. This show, that show – who really cares. I am going to start sharing information about my favourite tools. I will try to do this once a week. The tool that I am sharing today is my favourite pointy thing. It is a gasket removal tool that I found in a store that carries automotive tools. It had a hooked end which my husband took it of with a grinder. It is thick enough ( 1/8 inch – 3.5 mm) to use as a tool to roll out little imperfections with its side, the point is great to make holes and draw lines and the handle makes a great cross hatch pattern in the clay. I have other pointed tools but this is the best for the work that I do. I recommend taking a look for one if you are in an automotive shop.

Now - back to work setting my living room straight. The Culture Crawl was a success in spite of the rain. We had 950 visitor instead of the 1800 last year. It was busy enough, I don’t miss the great crowds. Now the goal is to tidy up and get ready for the Out Off  Hand show in Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city.     


Vanessa said...

Neat tool Joan! Enjoy the Out of Hand show!

Polyanya said...

I care! I love reading about what you're making for what show - keeps me going for mine! When the house is knee deep in gift wrap and boxes of buttons etc its good to know some other poor soul is going through the same thing! :))

joan tayler said...

It's good to hear there is a kindred spirit out there. I doubt that I will be able to keep quite about my shows and little adventures. It is just that I love tools ...I really love tools!