Friday, December 7, 2012

Kittens’s Mittens

“Three little kitten’s have lost there mittens and I know where to find them.”

This years holiday decoration tutorial is not very different from last year socks - but it makes a cute a bead that could be used as a decoration for the tree or for earrings -  especially for knitters who knitty sorts of things.

So here we go in search of mittens.

1. Choose bright contrasting colours of polymer clay.

2. Condition and put two sheets together. Reserve a little on one colour to make the cuffs of the mittens.

3. Cut and stack the sheet to make a stripped cane. You will need one for the main part of the mitten and a smaller one for the thumb.

4. Assemble the cane with the extra colour for the cuff.

5. Cut slices from the cane keeping the thumb up and at right angles. I was originally going to call this post “Thumbs up for Mittens”.

6. Now it is time to shape the mittens. You can round the corners, adjust the angle of the thumb and push a hole part way through. I have used a thimble to give a ribbed texture to the cuff.

7. After you have cooked the mittens you can glue cord into the holes. I have used a jewelers glue but there are lots of alternatives.

And that’s all folks. I am off again to move my studio. I hope to get it together in the next couple of weeks.


Nancy Q said...

Thank you Joan. Great tutorial. Now I am off to create some mittens!!

Patricia Perrine said...

Oh, these would make adorable stitch markers!

joan tayler said...

Hi Patricia
Guess what. I only made three sets on kitten mittens - the rest of the cane was devoted to stitch markers. After my last craft sale on the year they will be up on Etsy.