Monday, December 10, 2012

Mark One Meets the Masters

My mark one birds and Jem's bowl
Some of Cathy's ornaments
Saturday was the guild Christmas get together. We had a meeting of polymer clay lovers  graciously hosted by Jem, one of our founding members. We had our ornament exchange for which I had hastily thrown together a mark one ornament. It has some potential but this time they were really rough and ready. In contrast members brought lovely ornaments but being in party mode I didn’t get a lot of photos.

We had a chance to meet Cathy who brought a profusion of ornaments – each beautifully crafted. Using square canes and mobius, beads she gets some really interesting shapes going. You can see her magic at here blog Catrinket. I think that Cathy is our first American member ( wee! we are going international.)

Jem showed us more of her amazing little bowls. She has perfected them to the point that they are on sale at Robert Held Glass Studio where they are lucky enough to has Jem as an office worker. How terrific to have your polymer clay art stand up and be proud in the dazzle on beautiful glass wear.

Jem will be one the people sharing their knowledge at Horizons, the guilds polymer clay retreat in February.

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