Friday, December 28, 2012

Spirited Away

Old Necklaces - I must have a picture - nature abhors a vacuum
This is the longest I have gone with out blogging this year! I am okay – It is just the spirit of the season. My daughter is home from university for a few days and rather then decking the halls we are making a family effort to declutter. Out with the old and hopefully not in with the new. Empty spaces is the goal. Horizontal surfaces blessedly empty. I know that spaces will be filled, nature abhors a vacuum after all but the goal is to hold all off the tide of books and craft materials that have threatened to take over my world in the passed. I have piles on old beads that I am determined to get on to Etsy or gift people with. I want to spin like a Sufi and delight in Zen emptiness – or at least walk down the hall in the dark without stubbing my toe on a box of paint.

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