Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artistic Influences

William Morris
traditional inro

Jim Rimmer
Tory Hughes
 One of the questions that comes up when you fill out applications is “Who has influenced your art?”. I woke this morning with an almost complete answer and here it is, in no particular order.
1.) Traditional Japanese art because I read that traditional beads always do something. They are buttons, counterweights, or boxes.
2.) William Morris because he believed in “art for all”; that we can surround ourselves with art that is part of our everyday life.
3.) Tory Hughes because she showed me that polymer clay does not have to be all colour and flash.
4.) Jim Rimmer, artist and typographer, because of his artistic integrity and his desire to bring beauty to the typeset page. He was a friend who encouraged me to stay with my art whatever form it took.

Jurying for shows is one of my least favourite things to do but sometimes the questions that come up lead to an introspection that would not happen otherwise.

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