Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pigeons and Lions Greet the Snake

pigeons, lions and sugar

trees in coats
Here we are at the first real working day of the new year – welcome to 2013.

Yesterday was a semi day off. My husband and I took a drive to the North Shore to make a delivery and pick up a few things. There was a some sunshine, some thing of a rarity at this time of year on the wet coast. We got to see the mountain in their showy coats. The “Lions” were completely white and I tried to capture them with a flight of pigeons at the old sugar refinery. I am afraid that my phone is not quite up to that task. On the North shore we found a great yarn bomb site just off Lonsdale and twentieth first in North Vancouver.

Happy New Years, It is the year of the snake. My daughter is a snake, she will be 24 this year.

Tomorrow I will be back to clay.

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