Monday, January 21, 2013

The Studio is Coming Together

the beginning of December

Thanks to my husband, Hugh, and some great alley finds the studio is coming together. I am still working at home a lot of the time but gradually I am shifting over to my new space.

Ray, my studio mate is painting up a storm. I will see if I can post a peek at some of his work. It is great to be around other artists and I am looking forward to giving some classes in March and April. Having the studio full of people once in a while is a tonic, then I am content to be a solitary artist again.


Liz said...

Joan, your space looks great. Nice high ceilings and good lighting. And so organized. I dream of such a space!

Liz in Victoria

joan tayler said...

Liz, come have cup of tea the next time you are in Vancouver.

Vanessa said...

The new studio space looks open,inspiring and inviting. A lovely space to create!