Friday, January 11, 2013

Time Out to Make a Pea

Yesterday I received two emails from customers.

One from Summerland ( a town in the interior of British Columbia)
“I recently moved to Summerland (from the coast). A long time ago maybe 10 years or more I purchased 2 zipper pull up beads at the Vancouver farmers market; a Green pea zipper pull, my favorite, my dog chewed it, and a Japanese style bead zipper pull.
I was at the post office about 2 weeks ago a lady commented on the Japanese style bead I had on my jacket
She said your name. I was floored that this person new who made it ,Summerland is not big. Anyway, really want to replace the green pea Marley chewed.
is it possible to have you make me another one and send it to me …”

One from Nelson ( another town in the interior of British Columbia)
“This Christmas I received a great necklace that you created . five crows,
one which has a berry in it's mouth.  I just wanted to tell you that I love
it, and to thank you for crafting such a beautiful piece!”

Letters like these are the best perk of my job – satisfied owners of my work. I was so inspired I took some time to make some peas for the lady in Summerland. Some how the lady bugs got in there this time. Now back to other stuff.

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