Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When to Scrap a Project

A lady not for cooking
I have so many bits of cured clay that almost worked. When I cook them up and think that I will keep them to learn from. But guess what? They sit in a box or filed away and that is it. I would rather have the clay.

Clay has almost infinite potential before it is cooked. After it is cooked it can be a millstone. So I have decided to take more pictures and cook less clay. I tried create shading by adding or laying graded sheets of clay but I am not happy with the results.  This lady is not going in the oven. I will recover some of the cane work and the rest of the clay is going into the clay bin, the box of infinite possibilities.

First attempt at a shading by cutting away clay. 
What I am trying now is to squishing  a Skinner Blend sideways and cut in to the blend to reveal shading. Still a way to go before I get this right, but at least this is a start.  

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