Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Had No Idea

You can't even see the glass cubes in the background!
Well I guess I had some idea of how much time went into having a show at a gallery. I have done it before but the Chameleon Show is different. It has been my baby since conception years ago when I started pitching to galleries to get a space. I didn't want to try the private galleries that charge the artists because this is not about sales, besides not many artist have money to spare. Polymer clay has been on the rise as an art medium, but there are still people who say things like - " My kids used to play with that. It's like play dough isn't it?" Well I guess it is but only in the same way the food dye is related to acrylic paint. But I digress....

Tomorrow morning I will be packing my car with the work of six feature artists and juried work from the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild. Today I was in the studio getting used to putting glass cubes together.

I have new respect for what goes into a show, and this is just a little one. Little but hopefully good.
to be continued tomorrow.

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