Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keeping Your Rollers Warm

I got a great tip from Carolyn at a Horizons this year. She warms up the rollers on her pasta machine with a microwaveable heating pad. This keeps the clay from cooling off to much and loosing its plasticity. I had not thought of the idea of warming up the rollers. Since the temperature of my studio even after the heated running for a couple of hours is about 58 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 15 degrees Celsius, the clay can cool down rather quickly as soon as it is out of my hands.

Since I don't have a microwaveable heating pad handy I have thought of a could of other ways to warm up my rollers. the simplest is to put my desk lamp ( a rather warm halogen bulb ) right over the rollers when I am not working. Another ideas is to fill a plastic bottle with hot water and lay in on the rollers between rounds.

So I still love my studio with it's high ceiling but I guess the chill is the price that I have to pay. Hopefully these roller warming ideas will work for me and others.

My pasta machine sporting a stylish plastic peanut butter jar full of hot water. All toasty warm though the room is cold.   

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Lawrence Smith said...

Great idea Joan and Carolyn. I sometimes use a pasta machine in my unheated garage.