Thursday, February 21, 2013

Original Antiquities

My Friend Kayla at BeadFreaks gave me a couple of glass beads to make molds from. BeadFreaks is simply the most interesting bead store in Vancouver. I has wonderful stuff that you will not find anywhere else because Kayla goes to the source to buy beads directly from the makers.

The beads she gave me are not that remarkable but they had potential. The antiqued white beads that I made really do look older that the originals.


Nola said...

I love those. Are the translucent and coloured ones the molds. I made a few molds of interesting buttons and the other day I needed a moon face so I went to the Superstore with my mold compound, mixed a few small bits and put them over some Thomas the tank engine faces!!! I worked fairly well. I had to walk away till it set so as not to draw attention to myself. :)

joan tayler said...

I have not shown the molds in this picture. The translucent ones are the original beads that I took the mold from. I have yet to try mold compound. My molds were made out of polymer clay.

Give my regards to Thomas.

Tina Holden said...

Love your molded beads Joan! like them better than the originals. I love Bhuddas...I collect them. Not sure why...maybe because they're so happy and serene