Monday, February 18, 2013

Over the Horizons

Well that was it for Horizons 2013. It will not be long until the guild will be thinking up what will happen in Horizons 2015.

Right now I am concentrating on getting things together for a couple of classes at Seymour Art Gallery. We have two groups of children, grade two and grade three at the gallery for a quick introduction to polymer.  I am really interested in what the kids have to say about the Chameleon Show there.

1.) Olga's bunnies and babies
2.) Veronica's treasure chest
3.) Jem teach all to die form.


Nettonya said...

You did a great job of getting Chameleon into the gallery, Joan!

Horizons was fun, and I actually completed the inro! Still have to thread a string for hanging it around my neck, perhaps add a bead.

You taught it well and your personal assistance made it possible. Thanks.

Quipay Adventures said...

FABULOUS display at the Seymour Art Gallery "Chameleon".. And HORIZONS! 2013 was a great success. So, everyone, save your pennies (or now it must be nickles in Canada). It is a great way to spend a weekend. Thanks Joan, Ellen, Lawrence and Nettonya.....You are the best team to plan with. Some serious brain-storming, and a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone for coming...

joan tayler said...

That list of serious planners and helpers should include Nancy. Thanks a lot kid.