Monday, March 18, 2013

Fibrous Friday

Shawl Pins - can be used in hair
Barrettes - can be used as scarf clips. Hair is fibre too
This Friday and Saturday I am participating in a market for fibre fanciers in Cloverdale. I have never done this event before but I have been told that there will be fibre bearing animals. I am looking forward to the fuzzy animals more than I should.

I will be there sharing a booth with Nell Burns and her extraordinary embroidery. We figure that it will give us a good chance to chat but I am sure we will be glad to see you if you take the time to drop in to FibresWest.

Please note that this event it Friday and Saturday only. So don't wake up Sunday morning expecting us to be there waiting for you. I will be at home or the studio doing what I love. Making more polymer clay stuff.


Jane Perala said...

A car load of us are coming over from Nanaimo on Friday for Fiberwest in the morning and then on to the Fraser Valley Bead show in the afternoon. We will be one tired bunch on the way home on the ferry!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

You are a busy bee as always, Joan! Checked out your booth mate's blog, too. Nell has some amazing ideas about fibre. You gals must get inspired by one another's creativity!