Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Praise of the Tarnished

The not so shiny and a start for more not so shiny.

I was going to post about buttons today but something more interesting came up.

I am not a shiny person. I like things a little less than shiny, so when I could only find eyelets that were shiny “gold” I was a little disappointed. Caroline, who owns one of the most interesting “craft” stores in Vancouver, suggested soaking the eyelets in vinegar to dull the shines away.

After a week sitting in a tiny ziplock bag, the eyelets are not nearly so bright and the vinegar was lovely blue green. I am sure that there are other ways of doing this and I would love to know more about it but I have to take care of business at the moment. Later for googling around for more information..

About Caroline’s store. Douglas Trading Post is all about bright shiny and over the top. There is a lot more than you see in the store than on the her website.  If you had to make wild or traditional costumes, this is one of the two shops in Vancouver, you would have to visit.


Anonymous said...

You could use alcohol ink to colour the eyelets.

joan tayler said...

Thanks Anonymous. I have now got two trials of eyelets soaking in Pinata dye. I will see how it goes in a week.

Lawrence Smith said...

Thanks for the info Joan but you scared me when I thought I lost a whole day out of my life.
Check the date;-)

joan tayler said...

Hi Lawrence
Never post something and try to suck it back and schedule it. It takes a day off your life! I won't do that again.