Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Power of Pencil Planning

 Sometimes when I make a cane I just wing it, but when I take time to plan it out it is always rewarding. I love pencils. Maybe even more that I love clay. They are the original graphics power tool.


3circlestudio said...

Is love your pencil planning. I do more documenting as I create rather than the "plan ahead" variety. I will try the plan ahead approach. I have pages of pencil ideas that I can break down into PC steps to obtain the final cane. I'll see how it goes. old habits are hard to break. :-)

joan tayler said...

I also document after the fact, though less that I should. I find the planning ahead is like a puzzle that I don't know answer to until I make the cane. I am usually happier with the canes I plan ahead that the one the I just do, but of course there are those that don't work out either way.