Monday, May 6, 2013

On the Trail Again

This way to the Trans Canada Trail?
Monday finds me working at home again.

When I walked over to the studio this morning I noticed a sign pointing to the  Trans Canada Trail that looked for all the word like it was pointing to our modest little street. I am not sure that we are on the Canada trail but I will have to look into it. We are on the bike way and I guess that is cool enough.

While I was at Granville Island Market this time I did a lot of production work, which means that I have a lot of little bits to sand today. Production aside, I let myself cut loose Sunday afternoon and start a batch of bowls. I will have them all finished when I return to Granville Island at the end of the month.

Sunday's treat but not near complete.


Deb Ross said...

These are beautiful, or they will be, but I have to you make them flat and then form them?

joan tayler said...

Yes, you have it. Next comes the tedious part, finishing the outside of the bowl and making sure there is no air trapped between the form and the clay.