Saturday, May 4, 2013

One of the World's Best Commutes

Yesterday I walked from home to Granville Island. It must be among the world's best commuted. Once across Main Street and away from Science world, the traffic noise becomes a distant roar and I get a whiff of West Coast spring forest, roses blooming along the seawall and a hint of creosote that takes me back to childhood memories of playing on the docks.

We are having spectacular weather at the moment. I will walk to the market again this morning and bask in my luck to be living here on the West Coast in this May.  

One of the other artists in my *pod is Michelle Vulama. Michelle finds the most wonderful things in rocks and brings them to the surface for all to enjoy.   "Though her work is diverse in form and content, she is chiefly recognized for her original and distinct style of rock-painting."

* the artists at " Granville Island are arranged in groups of 4 or 6. It is a delight to see what other artists are doing. There is an energy that one misses working in the studio alone.

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Liz said...

Lucky you to have such a magnificent walk to work! Michelle's work is quite amazing.

Liz in victoria