Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Out of the Farmers's Market

Rain Free Inside Granville Island Market
I spent the week end making a decision. I have decided to cancel my Farmer's Market dated for Vancouver this year. I was waiting till I found out how Granville Island worked out for me before I made this decision. This will give me a year of not living in fear of to many rainy weekends. People will go to a rainy farmers market for carrots and bread, but they seldom stop for craft, besides I love Granville Island and I see many of the same farmer's market customers there.

So far, I will still be doing Ladner Village Markets. That will give me 5 out door markets in the Lower Mainland this summer, and I will still be going to Vancouver Island for Filberg Festival.

Some times I have to remember that just because I can do markets, it doesn't mean I should.

I will enjoy going to the Farmers Market as a customer this summer.

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