Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Berry Good Way to Transport Raw Clay

Berry Crates - A great way to transport uncooked projects.
Have ever had to transport uncooked or half finished projects? Well the solution that I came across was as near as the grocery store. Boxes that transport berries have to fit together in a compact space and keep something as delicate as a raspberry from being crushed. The same thing will work for your clay work. The ears on the boxes interlock so you can stack them as high as you like without anything being crushed. You just have to guard against your work sliding sideways. This system works for me taking work back and forth to my "oven-less studio" in Granville Island Market where I will be every day until July 11th.


Linda said...

Your clever and innovative ideas never cease to inspire me Joan!

3circlestudio said...

I use similar boxes (peaches) from the chain Trader Joe's. Aren't they wonderful for storage? I never throw one away. Thanks so much for your blog. It is one of my favorites.