Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ruler of a Paper World

I am back working at home after a two week spell at Granville Island. I love the Island but it is good to be a home for a while.

This time one of my pod mates was ndavid, paper artist. Ndavid is a regular at Granville Island. The paper cuttings he does are amazing, from famous buildings of Europe to patterns derived from Japanese playing cards, this artist is always presenting his fans with something new. You can see the magic of his paper cuttings Monday, and Tuesday and Thursday and Friday at Granville Island Market.  Ndavid does not have a website but if you just have to get a piece of his art contact me for more information.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Over the Hump Day

I am half way through my August two week stint at Granville Island Market The ten hour days leave me little time to blog. I thought that  I would be able to blog while I was there but it is proving difficult. I am not able to overcome distractions when it comes to bogging. Luckily I cannot be distracted from making things with clay.  Here are some of the thing coming off my table.

Whistles and bowls made at the market.
The company is great, the atmosphere always interesting and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I will be at the market until next Tuesday, August the 27ith. I have a friend looking after my table today and that is why I am able to write this. She also helps me out on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Thanks Lorene I don't think
I would be able to do this without you.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to Weather as Usual

After a record sunny spell Vancouver has returned to the clouds and the occasional sprinkle of rain It has not stopped the crowds from coming to Granville Island. Walking back to my car the blackberries were particularly fragrant. They are falling on the ground now and those who want to get a bucket full will havae to hurry. Some many reminders that summer is drawing to a close.

I will be at Granville Island until August the 27th. One of my pod mates will be leaving at the end of the day tomorrow so you will have to come then to see her silver work that uses texture and forms from nature.  She will be back in September and you can check out her web site.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Return to the Garden

Work awaiting polishing, garden awaiting weeding.
When I started earning my living with polymer clay a friend who I had done gardening maintenance with would say to me, " Come back to the garden, turn away from the dark side."

Well I doubt that many artist would think that they were in league with the dark sided, but it is true that the last few busy years I have not been as attentive to my garden as I would like to have been. This year I actually have a bit of a garden and I feel that it is a place of solace and peace. As much as I love my craft it is good to get a away from it for a little while each day.

Shawl pin and earring awaiting sending.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Birds of a Different Feather

Flying bird, heron, and egret - whistles all
I love a challenge, especial if it is not offered as a challenge. For example, another craft person said in passing. "Do you think that you could make an egret whistle?". Well, I am not sure that I have it yet, one of the birds looks more like a heron than anything, but the challenge has set me off in yet another direction. I think that I will try making a chess piece knight whistle now. Yes, there is a connection, but it is structural rather than thematic.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank You Comox

Last years purchase used with style.
The Filberg Festival in over for another year. I want to thank all the people who came by the tent to shop or just to say hello. There were many people that I remember from previous years so Filberg always feels something like visiting friends. This feeling is compounded by the fact that I actually get to stay with a friend while I am in Comox. Thanks Janet. It is great to get stay in a home with real people.

Changing light from morning to afternoon.
For those who know me well enough to realize that I don't actually walk with a cane, may I assure you that the cane was a temporary fix for a right hip that went strange for part of the week end. Thanks Laura for the company on the way and for driving on the way back. The road is always shorter when traveled with a friend.

For customers who came looking for buttons and beads,

I apologize for their absents this year and they will be back next year if I am lucky enough to return.