Monday, September 30, 2013

Summer is Truly Over

Summer is truly over. The rain is boiling down and the garden is looking sad. I have harvested the last of the summer vegetables and I am looking forward to having a cold frame by next spring. It is not the cold so much as the rain here that does so many of the summer vegetables in.

This does not have anything to do with polymer clay unless I make tiny vegetables and count the garden as research. No, the garden is just to keep me reasonably sane.

I have been trying to figure out postage rates for small packages. A good activity for a rainy day. If things are 2cm (3/4 inch) things are okay but if they are thicker the prices get rather high. I am not sure if anyone would be willing to pay six-teen dollars in postage for and item that is eight-teen dollars.

This is more of a rant that anything. I just wanted to make one more post before the month was over.


Claire Maunsell said...

The Canada Post 'Slot of Doom', how I love local postal clerk ( whom I adore) gave me my very own Plexiglas slot when she got a new one from head office! I keep it by my side while wrapping parcels.
But large round beads are a problem, as you say.....

vancouverpolyclayers said...

What a small world. Would you believe I came on here to comment and leave you my "go-to" solution for most smaller parcel shipping and here is the brilliant polymer artist (and cook)who originated the idea.
PS..I have never thrown out a cerealCTAD box since reading it.
Let me know if you need a few for our next guild meeting ;-)

vancouverpolyclayers said...

Oops...LOL!I have to watch which Google account I use for commenting.

joan tayler said...
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joan tayler said...

My husband takes the credit for the web site and the blog I do with much help from Blogger.
thanks for the positive free back.

This is the deleted comment with some corrections