Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank You All for the Crawl

 A terrific event at your our new studio space. Thank to all that came. ( well over 2,500 )

Now we start getting ready for 2014.


Liz said...

Hi Joan
I went over to Vancouver from Victoria on Saturday for the Culture Crawl and was blown away by all the great work I saw.

After tromping around for several hours and having reached my past exhaustion point, I realized I wasn't going to see your work as it seemed a long way away from where I was and my legs just didn't have it to go further. I went into one last studio before heading for the bus and guess what - it was your studio! I now acknowledge I am map illiterate.

I really enjoyed your small paintings in the front gallery as well as Ray's large exuberant ones. You were busy with customers when I came into the back studio so didn't want to interrupt. Maybe I will see you if you are out of hand this year.


joan tayler said...

Thank for dropping in. I am sorry to have missed seeing you. I hope to see you at Out of Hand.