Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crackling Good Time

Yesterday at our month guild meeting, the  ten of us dug into Tina Holden's crackle tutorial. We all go results that we were pleased with. It is nice to insert an element of spontaneity into a medium that does not leave a lot of room for happy accidents. I have not used surface techniques in the pass so it is good to have master like Tina to light the way. She has other techniques that I am anxious to try out but I am getting away from the subject at hand. If you want to try this technique contact Tina and down load her tutorial.

Two things came to light during the meeting. If you are used to using Fimo clay, as I am, you made find that water will make the clay sticky. Tina recommends Premo clay for this project. If you do use Fimo as I did, you should quick blot it the water up to prevent stickiness. The other thing we all agreed on was the superiority of Pinata dyes for this project. The popular Adirondack dyes did not yield the colour intensity but otherwise delivered acceptable results. If you cannot find Pinata dyes at you local craft store You will be able to order it on line from Shades of Clay. I am sure that there are other online dealers but Shades of Clay is our go to place in Canada.

So go for it! By yourself or get a group of friends together. Get Tina's tutorial and remember to start ahead. That will make sense when you read the tutorial.

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Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

These look great, Joan. I'm pretty sure I bought Tina's tute back in the day, must dig it up. I've never tried Fimo. I'm a Kato gal, and I use water to smooth-finish surfaces before baking :) Nice to see you sharing the shadesofclay site; they are a lifesaver to someone like myself who lives far from craft stores.