Friday, April 4, 2014

Why Things Break

I recently received a comment on my article on breakage from a reader.

I am pulling my hair out! I've cooked and recooked and still breaking. What is the highest temperature you would bake Premo? I'm up to 300 deg and it still breaks... thanks!

 I cook most work whether Fimo or Premo at 280 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes. The excepttion would be thicker things which I cook longer. Other than that there are two or three possible other reasons for breakageThere are two or three possible other reasons for breakage: 
1.) Your oven is not as hot as you think. A remote possibility but check with an oven thermometer to eliminate the possibility.
2.)Perhaps some Sculpy III or other weaker clay has been mixed in with you clay.
3.) If your clay is conditioned thoroughly, 20 or 30 times trough the paste machine or the equivalent, should make the clay strong if it is cooked long enough and hot enough..

I hope this helps.
Other answers to this problem welcome.

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