Friday, May 30, 2014

A Clean Machine

Here is a way to make keep your work area clean.

I first saw a version of this idea at our polymer clay retreat, Horizons, in February.

AC thank you, if  you read this stand up and take bow.

Basically, the pasta machine is raised high enough off the table that your knuckles will clear the table top. The wooden base can be clamped on to the table at an angle that  is comfortable use.

The added bonus is that with the machine set in from the edge of the table, less clay makes its way to the floor.


3circlestudio said...

Very clever. How far back is the machine from the table edge? I can't quite tell from the picture. It looks like the pasta machine handle/rollers are 6-8" from the table edge.
I clamp my pasta machine inside an inverted large, square, metal cookie-tin LID which helps collect some (but not all) of the clay debris. Little pieces are always on the floor, on the bottoms of my shoes, etc. Thanks for the tip.

joan tayler said...

How far I set my machine is dependent on how big my work area is. In the market place where I work the machine is only set back a few inches but if the wooden base was longer you could set it as far from the edge as necessary.

Caroline said...

Brilliant! Something like this has been percolating in some dark corner of my mind for months, but I hadn't quite got the details worked out. Thanks so much for the detailed pictures - I'm getting ready to rebuild my workspace, and this will definitely help!