Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sgraffito for the Terminally Impatient

 The oil paint that I used to cover the white clay to do the sgraffito experiment is still drying at the studio. After a week I forged ahead. I am not a patient person when it comes to watching paint dry. Here is a quick all polymer clay way to get the same effect.

Here is what I did
1. Take a couple of stripes or white polymer clay on the thickest setting. Stack them and add a thin stripe of black. The white clay is a number one setting on my Atlas machine. The black is number 6.

2. Double the white but not the black. You can see how thin the black is?

3. Roll the stack through the pasta machine. First on 1 and then on 3. I think that the next time I will increase the stack more gradually, adding the white in a few steps.

4. This is just to give you an idea of the proportion on black to white.

I carved the pattern on samples below with a tool I made from a 1/8 inch strip aluminum cut from a beer can. The strip was folded over into a loop and fit into an x acto blade holder.  This is a great carving tool. When I get time I will give more details.

The sample pieces are unfinished. Just a first try to give you the idea.

Try it out. Have fun. First challenge of 2015 done.


DK said...

This looks very promising. I've considered using old pop cans to make carving and cutting tools before, but haven't gotten round to it yet; nice to know they work and can be recycled that way instead of being tossed.

2 Good Claymates said...

Way to go Joan. This looks like a much better method than the paint and what a fun way to add your own drawings or artwork to the clay. The tool sounds neat as well. Great mini tute!

Liz said...

Impatience can be a virtue! This is a great idea and I like your improvised tool.

swanwalk said...

These look great. Did you carve into the clay before you cured it?

joan tayler said...

I carved the design before I cured the clay. My beer can tool is great for cutting raw clay but would not work on cured clay. I will try to find time to post more detail about the tool.

Maindefat said...

c'est magnifique bravo!!j'aime beaucoup

Maindefat said...

très joli bravo!