Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cooperative Bowling

These bowl were made co-cooperatively even thought one party does not know I made them.
A friend of mine decided to concentrate her creative activity in doll making and gave me a lot of her polymer clay and clay related tools. Some of the clay had been made into canes, many were to old to be brought back to life as canes but I chose a few to make some bowl.. I have wired them to hang on a wall, so NR if you are at Granville Island they are there for you as thanks for the all the clay and stuff.
This is also the First Saturday of the month so my studio is open to the public from 12 noon to 5:00 PM. If you are in the mood for snooping into artist studios come by and see me and my studio mate Ray Ophoff. You can check out the First Saturday web site for more open artist studios.

Our Studio is at 884 East Georgia. Only difference is the front of the building is bright green now. We are in the back of the building with the gate open and the coffee pot on. We can let you in the front too. There will be a phone number for that posted there.

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Alice Stroppel said...

Joan, you bowls are beautiful. See you soon.