Monday, May 11, 2015

Old Cane Stew

Slowly I have been trying to get my studio into better order and that means getting rid of old canes that can no longer preform as they should. This is always hard when I think of how long it took to make all those canes in the first place, but it has to be done. So good bye all those birdy parts, you will no longer bend to my will  so you will be replaced with new more flexible canes.

1. Bird cane jumble.

2. Old canes embedded in a matrix of scrap clay.

3. Pounding the canes and scrap clay together to make a bird cane loaf.

4. Slicing the loaf  thin enough to go through the pasta machine easily.

5. Slices of bird cane loaf with a backing of scrape clay.

6. All become nice "new" scrape clay ready for another adventure.

There is really no such thing as waste class. Only clay that has to be reprogramed.

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