Monday, October 5, 2015

GI - Moment - The First Week in October

The pictures in in this post were taken by Dalia Mizrahi of Ravenwood Soaps
I spend so much of my time at Granville Island.  I  would like show people a glimpse of what it is like.

Granville Island is magic: a tourist trap, an artist enclave, a foodie paradise, the last vestige of Vancouver's industrial past. It all depends on who you speak to. It is often crowded but always fun.

Right now the leaves a changing and the rush of summer is over. It is not as quiet as it will become later in October  nor as busy as it will be in December. Many of the artisans at the Public Market are taking time away form the market to catch up on work to fill in the hole in their inventory. I am one of them but I will take time off from working at the studio to visit here to watch the changes the changes.

This week I was next to Ravenwood Soaps, one of the four excellent producers of body care items that sell in the market.
 "Ravenwood soap products are inspired by nature and they are also nature friendly. I believe in the healing properties of plants and minerals, that is why in my soap and body care products all the ingredients are natural. Plants support our complex human ecosystem, improving our health, relieving stress, strengthening our immune system."

I want tho thank Dalia for her excellent picture for this entry.

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