Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Colour Me 01 - Earhrise Garden

Earthrise Garden - a card to fold and colour plus an eight and half by eleven image.
This is my project for the year. I will publish at least one colouring project a week for the next year. I am still trashing away at polymer clay and I will include polymer clay stuff into the mix.

I plan on blogging about colouring tips and projects and I will be happy to get feed back on anyone happy or unhappy with the little colouring projects that I have provided.

(Yes I know that colour is spelt differently in the USA but this is my little bit of Canadian pride showing through.)


Nola C said...

This is great news1! Every time I doodle I wish that I could draw like you. I would buy one of your colouring books.

joan tayler said...

I don't know if these will ever make it to the book stage. I sort of want people to just go for the ones they like. I might offer hard copies later on but the postage is little overwhelming.

Lawrence Smith said...

Three Cheers for that Canadian pride Joan.
I use "colour" all the time and my spell checker always flags it. I guess it hasn't heard of the Oxford dictionary. LOL !