Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fear and Motivation

What is the greatest motivation to creativity; joy, contentment or the wish to please others? Well at this time of year the motivation in among creative types in this part of the country  fear. It is jury time again and time  to find out which shows will accept the artisans that bring their work to be scrutinized by a panel of organizers and experts. 
So it's fear that one will not measure up, or that secret forces will somehow rule adversely on out lives. It's that and a chance to go for broke and make something that no one will be able to refuse, a time for plan "B", "C", and on and on.
After I settle down to just do what I do and push at the boundaries of my materials a little, I find the fear is infused with a little joy. Back to the studio tomorrow to do battle!

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